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Printing Plastic Skull

What We Offer

3 Dimensions Printing offers an on-demand 3D printing service to turn your digital files into real life objects.


Once you send us your .STL files of the item(s) that you want printed and select the material, color, and resolution that you need, we will then analyze them and give you a quoted cost and estimated completion time. 

Our company also offers a collection of already printed items through our website and Etsy store. 

Why Choose 3 Dimensions Printing

Our company offers a 3D printing service at a low minimum cost requirement compared to other 3D printing companies. Other 3D printing companies require a minimum of $50 - $75 for custom on-demand prints. Our minimum cost requirement is $25.

We specialize in personal and custom printing for individuals who need on-demand items. We also offer pre-made items in our store.


Material We Use


Atomic is our primary source of plastic material that we use in our products. This brand maintains an excellent quality standard as well as a good selection of color and material options. Their materials are manufactured and shipped out of Indiana USA. 


Atomic made plastic is 100% made in the United States from brand new virgin materials that are also sourced from the US. By using this brand, we are proud that ever step and every material that goes into our products supports our own country’s workers, businesses, and economy.

Companies we have worked with



  • What can be 3d printed?
    Pretty much anything in an .STL file format can be printed. We will let you know if a file you submit is unable to be printed.
  • Where can I find files for items to print?
    There are a number of websites like where you can find a massive amount of free, open source files for cool items that you can print.
  • How do I submit and order?
    To submit an order you will need to complete the order request form by clicking the "Get Quote" Button.
  • How do I pay?
    Once you complete an order form, we will send you a quoted price. After the price and order is accepted, you may pay through any of our offered payment methods (Square, PayPal, Venmo, & Cash app).
  • Do you Ship or Deliver?
    We do not currently offer shipping at this time, but we can do pickup or local delivery within a 10 mile radius of Rogers, AR. We are working to offer nationwide shipping options soon.

3 Dimensions Printing

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