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About Us

3 Dimensions Printing is a brand new 3D company based in Northwest Arkansas.

We started this company because we are amazed at the endless possibilities that 3D printing can accomplish. We want to bring these possibilities to our customers in NWA and across the country. 

Logan works for IBM as a repair technician, he's been fascinated by 3D printing for a couple years but when the pandemic started he got a printer and started learning more about 3d printing.

   In his free time he works on older project cars and enjoys paying with his German shepherd dog.

Brandon is a Registered Nurse, who specializes in cardiac surgery. When the pandemic began he discovered a passion for

3D printing as well.

  In his free time he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, and outdoor activities with his 2 dogs.

There's nothing down here, but thanks for scrolling :)

3 Dimensions Printing

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